Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index ™ for December finds loan approval rates continue to rise, but at a slow pace

Approval percentages at large banks, small banks, institutional lenders, alternative lenders and credit unions are still about half of what they were in December 2019 NEW YORK, January 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Small business loan approval percentages in big banks ($ 10 + in assets) fell from 14.2% in November to 14.3% in December, […]

SMBs Demand Faster Loan Approval: RazorpayX Study

SMBs Demand Faster Loan Approval: RazorpayX Study New Delhi, January 11 (KNN) According to a study by RazorpayX, one in two small businesses agree that limited resources and lack of knowledge are the two biggest challenges to their digital transformation aspirations. According to their findings, more than 50% of SMEs are asking for easier and […]

“It’s ridiculous”: 27 days before the bank collects the mortgage request

The customer service of banks is in the spotlight. Photo / Getty Images Mortgage professionals have criticized some banks for their “terrible” customer service and the time it takes to process home loans. An adviser said a bank did not take out a home loan for 27 days. Banks interviewed by NZME said the consumer […]

Electric vehicle loan terms set to be extended, says Lib Dems

A scheme that offers zero-interest loans for electric vehicles should be extended to encourage more people to switch from gasoline to diesel, the Scottish Liberal Democrats say. The party is calling for the extension of the low-carbon transportation loan program, also known as the electric vehicle loan, which would see loan terms reduced from six […]

Payday loans in California

The payday loans available in california online are among the most reliable option for those who require immediate cash. These loans are great for emergency situations such as repair of your car, unexpected medical bills as well as other financial issues that are too fast to be budgeted for. In actuality payday loans can save the day […]

How Payday Lenders Target Consumers Hurt by Coronavirus

Lenders that target struggling borrowers for loans with triple-digit interest rates have overcome yearslong efforts to restrict their lending and are pitching their products to consumers in need of cash during the coronavirus pandemic. They sidestepped state crackdowns by joining with out-of-state banks to offer loans and now are bypassing ad bans put in place […]

ILGM Review: Scam Seed Bank or Quality Strains? In-Depth Reviews of

click to enlarge Medical marijuana is illegal in many states. However, even in the states where the thing is legal, cannabis stuff remains criminalized in the eyes of the federal government. Weed seeds aren’t allowed to cross state borders, even. This makes buying marijuana seeds (locally and abroad) more of a gamble – be it […]

5 Best Surrogate Agencies of 2022: An in-Depth Guide to Surrogacy Services | Paid Content | Cleveland

click to enlarge Whether you’re thinking of becoming a new parent through surrogacy or becoming a surrogate yourself, it’s vital to be educated about the best surrogate agencies out there. Surrogacy is a monumental journey for everyone involved and requires all parties to be properly informed about what it really entails. Therefore, today, we are […]