Disbelievers Post Fake Obscene Video of Woman to Extort Money; tricked into Rs 8,340 Rs

A 30-year-old woman landed in a nasty loan shark fraud when she installed a mobile app for loans. After filling in her bank details, she began to receive abusive and threatening calls and messages asking her to pay. Even after paying the money, the extortion continued and the accused shared her obscene edited video with some of her friends. The woman then filed an FIR with the police.

Police say the complainant is a resident of Badlapur and works with a reputable developer. On December 15, while surfing the internet, she came across a mobile credit application and entered her bank details. While going through the information in the app, she received two messages informing her that a loan amount of 5,000 rupees had been issued to her account.

On December 22, she received a WhatsApp message with a link. The message stated that she had to pay the money by clicking on the link sent or else her obscene video would be made and disclosed. The next morning, she again received a similar threat message. The victim tried to send money several times, but could not, after which she began to receive abusive calls and messages. The victim then paid Rs 8,340, but the calls and messages continued. When the woman refused to pay any more money, she received an edited pornographic video with her name and the details of her Aadhaar card.

She begged the accused to remove the video, but the fraudsters continued to demand more money and also shared it with two of her friends. She then went to the police and filed a complaint on Saturday. The woman shared with the police seven mobile numbers from which she had received extortion and threat calls and messages. In the meantime, a complaint has been filed against strangers.

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Posted on: Thursday, December 30, 2021, 7:00 a.m. IST

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