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Can you renegotiate the loan terms if your credit improves?

June 26, 2018October 4, 2019LoansFeatured, Personal Finance733Dori ZinnJamie YoungSEO Updated June 26, 2018 Maybe you ran into a financial problem and had to take out a personal loan. You are responsible for the money, so you have made minimum payments on time. But it has been a long time since you took out this loan […]

Waco plans to increase loan amount for first-time buyers

Waco City Council is considering increasing the loan limit for a program that helps first-time home buyers. Currently, the Down Payment Assistance Program assists low- and middle-income families who qualify for assistance with a loan of almost $ 15,000. “Even with aid of up to $ 14,999, there is still a gap that prevents them […]